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JAGCJudge Advocate General's Corps
JAGCJust Another Golf Coding (computer coding)
JAGCJaguar Association of Greater Chicago (Chicago, IL)
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On the basis of the information available today, it is the opinion of the Judge Advocate General's Corps that private Thorbjorn Ole Reese and private Mikkel Keil Sorensen were killed as a result of strikes by British soldiers which, by a tragic mistake, were directed towards the compound where the Danish soldiers were in position," the Danish report said.
Judge Kasold also has experience as a litigation attorney with a large law firm and, like Judge Greene, served in the Army Judge Advocate General's Corps.
As he says, it is not just a story about the Judge Advocate General's Corps, but rather a story about judge advocates.
Present for the ceremony were many distinguished visitors including: Deputy Judge Advocate General Rear Admiral Michael Lohr, Judge Advocate General's Corps, United States Navy; Brigadier General (select) Kevin Sandkuhler, United States Marine Corps; Brigadier General Richard O'Meara, United States Army Reserve; Dr.
For every lawyer who decides to make a career of The Judge Advocate General's Corps (JAGC), retirement--from the Regular component, Army Reserve, or National Guard--is inevitable.
They are the consummate professionals and the foundation upon which the Army Judge Advocate General's Corps is built.
The website of the Air Force Judge Advocate General's Corps trumpets the Corps' mission statement and motto ("wisdom, valor, justice").
Williams served as an officer and attorney in the United States Army Judge Advocate General's Corps where he held positions as a prosecutor, defense attorney and administrative law attorney.
He is a 30-year veteran of the National Guard and holds the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Judge Advocate General's Corps.
When advising the reader what this book is not about, Borch emphasizes that it is neither a history of the Army's Judge Advocate General's Corps nor a history of wartime legal issues.
Captain Hodgkinson entered active duty in the Judge Advocate General's Corps in 1995.