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The customer of the project is the Judicial Reform Project
Access to justice appears for the first time as an objective in the 1996 Ecuador Judicial Reform Project. (70) While the main focus of the Ecuador project was on judicial efficiency, it also dealt with access issues.
The first one was the 1997 Peru Judicial Reform Project. In fact, this project was cancelled because of insufficient government commitment to judicial independence.
One significant criticism of the Judicial Reform Project is that their office is located at the Ministry of Justice & Home Affairs, an executive agency, thereby threatening judicial independence and compromising the integrity of the program.
(296) The NLC is one of the linchpins of the Mongolian Legal and Judicial Reform Project, and gets most of its support from the JRP and the World Bank's Legal and Judicial Reform Project.
JUDICIAL REFORM PROJECT. The Government of Guatemala has received a loan from the World Bank (No.
Answering the query, De Castro said she has embarked on several judicial reform projects since she became an associate justice of the SC and she hopes to continue the projects once appointed Chief Justice.
judicial reform projects in Latin America, with Mexico being one of the
They then jointly convened a second national workshop on international justice reform in 1999, (4) again drawing a wide-ranging group of participants active in the design and delivery of international legal and judicial reform projects. Since 1999, the collective experience of Canadians in general, and of CIDA in particular, has grown significantly.
The European Union is trying to distance itself from Plan Colombia by insisting that its financial aid is only destined for specific alternative development and judicial reform projects, areas covered by Plan Colombia.
He said he believed Laurea 'misappreciated' the information she had gathered on the judicial reform projects financed by the World Bank.
Ameri said Qatar's "future judges" programme, which was inspired by Jordan's judicial reform projects, has proved successful.