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JUGHEADJonzy's Universal Gopher Hierarchy Excavation and Display
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Beaty's remarks upon the air itself are more provocative and interesting and difficult: Jughead's hat (which receives an entry of its own, pages 79-82) turns out to be unusually rich in meaning, a survival of World War Two-era working-class labour that became drained of meaning and thus stands for "the Archie worldview generally" (82).
Just in case you are wondering, Jughead becomes a zombie.
I would certainly bandy about terms like "civil service mandarins" and "gold-plated public-sector pensions" because, after all, I am a right jughead and that is what jugheads do.
This was like asking Jughead if he liked burgers or asking Betty if she would like a date with Archie!
While much of the broadsheet paper is focused on a satirical look at the news, real and imagined -- a headline on the paper's web site yesterday said, "New Archie Graphic Novel Explores Rich Inner Life of Jughead" -- it does have a semi-serious section containing entertainment listings and features that is localized for each distribution area.
Mad sent up its rival publications (by turning innocent teens Archie and Jughead into chain-smoking juvenile delinquents, for instance), along with movie stars, television shows, pop singers, politicians, and advertisers.
Sir Michael Peat (knighted for services to royal anus-licking) produces a whitewash report into the mildly shambolic, possibly illegal, goings-on at the Court of Prince Jughead, and mass apoplexy is feigned.
Do you read the comic-book stories of Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead? You might be surprised to find out that Josie and The Pussycats started out as an Archie Comics book back in the 1960s.
They were: Archie Andrews (vocals, lead guitar), Jughead Jones (bass guitar), Veronica Lodge (keyboards) Betty Cooper (tambourine) and Reggie (drums).
When other programmers started writing utilities, they also took names from the comic book series, including "Jughead" and "Betty," although these are not used as widely as Archie.
Beyond the Web, the course teaches the use of Archie and anonymous ftp to find and download useful text and binary files, gopher search tools such as Veronica and Jughead to pinpoint industry-specific information, mailing lists and newsgroups to locate others with common interests, various directory services to find specific e-mail addresses, and telnet and commercial databases to access relevant research data.
Many programs are available to help you search text files on the Internet; among these are Archie, Veronica, Jughead, Gopher, and WAIS.