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JVDJost Van Dyke (British Virgin Islands)
JVDJugular Venous Distention
JVDJet Vapor Deposition
JVDJournal of Veterinary Dentistry
JVDJharkhand Vikas Dal (Indian political party)
JVDJoint Venture Development
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His cardiovascular exam indicates a harsh systolic and diastolic sandpaper-like murmur but no jugular venous distention. He reports no respiratory distress, and his abdominal examination is normal.
Identification of pericardial tamponade in adults is commonly based on the signs of Beck's triad--hypotension, jugular venous distention, and muffled heart sounds.
Mild temporal wasting, absence of oral thrush, poor dentition, positive jugular venous distention, bilateral crackles in the lungs, a decrescendo diastolic murmur in the left sternal border, "water hammer" pulses, and clubbing of the digits were found.
Physical examination disclosed orthopnea, dyspnea, bilateral jugular venous distention and bilateral pretibial pitting edema.
The patient did not have meningismus, crepitus, or jugular venous distention. The lungs and heart were normal.
On admission, the patient had jugular venous distention to the angle of the jaw and trace peripheral edema.
His physical exam showed no evidence of jugular venous distention, lower extremity edema, or abdominal distention, and his cardiac exam revealed regular rate and rhythm with no murmurs or gallops.