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j] location (Figure 4), let the jump condition be a simple predicate [x.
The fact of having the automaton jump condition predicates related to two different state variables gives a certain coupling between them and consequently a more difficult analytical solution.
j2] are real constants, and the jump condition predicates are related to one of two different state variables [x.
CLI] hybrid automaton with jump condition predicates function of [x.
i] [member of] E called transitions, by convex relations in the initial and jump conditions, and by a continuous-linear flow equations usually expressed as [?
As we can see in Example 12, the limit cycle reachability is function of the automaton jump conditions as well as its initial condition region.
In the present paper, the nonstandard analysis is used to derive the jump conditions across the shock wave in one-dimensional, unsteady, inviscid flow of nonideal gas in the presence of magnetic field.
Using the equation (16-19) and (21) we have the following jump conditions on the boundary
Tucker, Jump conditions for shock wave on the surface of a star, Astrophysics Space Science, 319, pp.
With consideration of the heavy burden of computation, the advantage of the method is that it can provide guidance for the initial costate guess and jump condition approximation for PMP real-time application.
Moreover, the method can provide guidance for the initial costate guess and jump condition approximation for PMP application.
Lee, "A jump condition of PMP-based control for PHEVs," Journal of Power Sources, vol.