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JunOSJuniper Operating System (Juniper Networks, Inc.) (router operating system)
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At this time last year our New Horizons spacecraft was closing in for humanitys first close views of Pluto, said Diane Brown, Juno program executive at NASA Headquarters in Washington.
Although it's unusual to turn to the Romans for inspiration for our spirituality today, the notion that every woman has her juno is a rich one.
The new Junos software platform includes the popular Junos network operating system, the new Junos Space network application platform and new Junos Pulse integrated network client - all built with the same core design principles, integration approach and development discipline.
NASA's solar-powered Juno spacecraft successfully executed a maneuver to adjust its flight path today, Feb.
JUNOS is a proven, cutting-edge operating system that delivers the intelligence and service differentiation that enables service providers to assure a rich user experience for the next generation of multiservice networks.
The Juniper Networks T640 and JUNOS software, which have been deployed in our multi-vendor IP core network for over a year, have proven to be a highly reliable platform.
Building on the advanced feature set of JUNOS software, Juniper Networks is now shipping intelligent logical router services on the M- and T-series, which enables customers to flexibly design their networks to accommodate many applications without requiring additional physical routers.
Juniper Networks total edge solution includes two new small but powerful M-series platforms, the M5 and M10 Internet backbone routers, new T1/E1 and channelized DS-3 interfaces perfect for dedicated access applications, along with new access features for JUNOS Internet software.
With each JUNOS release more Internet Processor II ASIC capabilities are added.
JUNOS software continues to improve its capabilities for managing ever more complex router configurations.