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JU88Junkers 88 (German WWII bomber)
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Digging at Banks Marsh near Southport for the series, which is on BLAZEA[R], Freeview Channel 63 at 9pm tonight (September 2), Suggs helped uncover around four tonnes of remains from the German Junkers 88 bomber.
"On the Ribble estuary near Liverpool, we helped the Lancashire Aircraft Investigation Team unearth the remains of a German Junkers 88 bomber, shot down by a British fighter on April 7, 1941.
One of them was Hans Sigmund Storp, who deliberately ditched his Junkers 88 dive bomber off Gullane to save his crew after being hit by Spitfires.
During operations at Salerno in September 1943, he shot a Junkers 88 down in flames and on the following night destroyed a Messerschmitt 210 over the Italian coast.
Howdle thwarted six attacks on his Halifax bomber by a Luftwaffe Junkers 88 - despite being out of ammo and being trapped in the badly-damaged turret.
"A Junkers 88 crashed at the brickworks, Bedlington Station.
Having completed the first leg of what Winston Churchill called the "worst journey on Earth", David's ship, the SS Dover Hill, suffered frequent attacks in port from Junkers 88 bombers.
He went on to shoot down a Junkers 88 bomber over the North Sea and have three shared "kills" during his time in Scotland.
Cyril Barton had just turned his fourengined Halifax towards the target when a series of explosions battered the aircraft as the guns of a German Junkers 88 fighter found their target.
He served with 616 Squadron and was forced to ditch his Spitfire in the sea after chasing a German Junkers 88 plane.