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JYDJunkyard Dog (pro wrestler)
JYDJunk Yard Dog (Toronto Raptors player Jerome Williams)
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Banal showed his dedication to be Flying V's junkyard dog as he took responsibility of stopping the Couriers' high-scoring Robbie Herndon in the second half.
When the musical hit NAMT in 2013, Junkyard Dog Productions founding partner Sue Frost was among those who saw and admired it.
Rather than meeting with Party B to try to solve the problem, Party A hires a litigation lawyer--usually the biggest, baddest junkyard dog available.
He served two terms as attorney general, earning an image as the junkyard dog of Texas politics, before falling short in races for governor and the Senate.
While the loss of Coleman, who would surely have eyed Aly Cissokho's name on the Liverpool teamsheet like a junkyard dog eyes a juicy bone, was a big miss for the Blues.
As played by Justine Lupe (an actress to watch, in Frances Ha among other film and TV projects), Sue is meaner than a junkyard dog, and her palpable contempt for her thin-skinned father is an ugly exercise in cruelty.
It's like a junkyard dog," said Stephen Scott, a senior engineer at the National Nuclear Security Administration.
They're meaner than a rabid junkyard dog," he added dramatically.
But when they tried to use Buster as the Junkyard Dog in the play, he was a failure: "It was quickly ascertained that Buster's desperate eagerness to catapult into Brad's [the actor's] arms as soon as Brad whistled was grossly out of character in the part of the tough world-weary Junkyard Dog.
Demo: The Story of a Junkyard Dog is an exuberant children's picturebook about a junkyard dog who tries to save his town from the excesses of its own rampant consumption.
Aside from his vast experience, especially in foreign policy, the main reason is because Obama needs a junkyard dog who can handle what the Republicans are going to be throwing.
Kershaw's Junkyard Dog is a handful of knife at a very good price.