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JunOSJuniper Operating System (Juniper Networks, Inc.) (router operating system)
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"Juno," replied the sire of gods and men, "you must not expect to be informed of all my counsels.
"Dread son of Saturn," answered Juno, "what are you talking about?
On this Juno was frightened, so she curbed her stubborn will and sat down in silence.
Juno smiled at this, and as she smiled she took the cup from her son's hands.
So Jove, the Olympian Lord of Thunder, hied him to the bed in which he always slept; and when he had got on to it he went to sleep, with Juno of the golden throne by his side.
Network solutions provider Juniper Networks (NYSE:JNPR) yesterday announced the release of the Junos Space Software Development Kit (SDK).
"We're looking at all different types of applications that can be hosted on systems across the Junos space," Harding said."We're paying special attention to developers that have ideas to take advantage of two or more of the Junos platforms."
For Feist, the Junos cap a whirlwind year in which her album sold more than half a million copies in the US and 1234' reached No 4 on the Billboard list of hot digital songs.
Although Francophones were also rarely seen at the Junos throughout the 1980s, there was improvement in three ways.
Junos Pulse App is designed to allow anytime, anywhere secure remote access and connectivity to all enterprise resources.