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JUONJoint Urgent Operational Needs
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29 SAF/AQX represents the Air Force on the JRAC, and the RRP is the process used when the Air Force is assigned the responsibility of fulfilling a JUON.
The first notable joint force application, the aforementioned MNF-W JUON, demonstrated the maturity of particular BRE technologies for forward operating base electrical power generation.
Therefore Multinational Force-Iraq (MNF-I) submitted a JUON to USCENTCOM.
Japan has a long tradition of ghost stories and monstrous presences, but with the recent successes of Hollywood remakes like The Ring, Juon (The Grudge), and Dark Water, as well as the ever-flourishing market of horror manga (Ito Junji's Tomie has produced three films under its name) and internet sites devoted to people sharing their first-hand, frightening accounts, Japanese horror has become globalized as popular culture has become transnational, and it has also become increasingly visible as a dominant mode of narration in contemporary Japan.
Although there is considerable epidemiological research on substance use among African American and white youths (Ensminger & Juon, 1998), our knowledge regarding the relationship between substance use and academic performance for African American students specifically remains limited.
Mak Phoeun has used a text known as the Vatan Juon chronicle (VI), which was completed in 1934, as the baseline document for his translation and commentary project.
While there is an established literature focusing on social determinants of mortality, only a handful of studies have examined the applicability of previously observed social predictors of mortality among African Americans (LaVeist, Sellers, and Neighbors 2001; LaVeist, Sellers, and Elliott-Brown 1997; Bryant and Rakowski 1992; Onawala and LaVeist 1998; Astone, Ensminger, and Juon 2002;Jackson et al.
Selected studies do indicate that after release around half of incarcerated youth will return to the juvenile correctional system (Myner, Santman, Cappelletty, & Perlmutter, 1998) and while in the community few will enroll in public school (Ensminger & Juon, 1998).
Two of the chapters that concentrate on this theme are one by Ensminger and Juon on the transition to adulthood among high-risk youth and a chapter by Steinberg and Avenevoli on the impact of disengagement from school.
Anxious to help, he remembered that both the JUON and JEON were mentioned in the CJCSI 3170.
Key is establishing a flexible, adequate funding source and improving the efficiency of JUON solution identification, delivery, and tracking from inception to their consideration as potential programs of record.