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J5Jurassic 5 (band)
J5Jackson 5 (band)
J5Plans & Policy Directorate
J5Josh Harris (Bowling Green State University football quarterback)
J5Joint Staff, Civil Affairs
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Since forming in 1993, Jurassic 5 has been laying down consciousness-elevating rhymes and old school hip-hop beats in the spirit of its forefathers.
Jurassic 5 still conjures the kind of stylish rhymes, hand-clap beats and scratchy turntable sounds akin to its political, philosophically proselytizing and party-inspiring musical heroes of the late '80s.
In this song, Jurassic 5 - whose members include MCs Chali 2na, Zaakir (aka Soup), Akil and Mark 7, as well as DJs Cut Chemist and Nu-Mark - offers various interpretations on freedom given the context of the economic slump, international turmoil and the likelihood of war.
In ``Thin Line,'' Jurassic 5 questions the motives between friends of the opposite sex wanting more than a platonic relationship.
But Jurassic 5 doesn't lump itself in this category of vintage hip-hop revivalists, given its torch-bearing history.
Back then, Jurassic 5 was divided into two separate hip-hop crews - Rebels of Rhythm and Unity Committee.
Five-hundred copies of that single, a 1997 self-titled EP and two full- length albums later, Jurassic 5 is still going strong.