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JJGJean Jacques Goldman (musician)
JJGJapanese Journal of Genetics (Genetics Society of Japan)
JJGJesse James Garrett (technology and design website)
JJGJordan, Jones & Goulding (engineering firm; Atlanta, GA)
JJGJust Jazz Guitar (Atlanta, GA)
JJGJuly Jazz Getaway (Moravian College; Bethlehem, PA)
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Just Jazz Guitar magazine wrote "his tone is beautiful and soulful, and his remarkable technique is a servant to his rich musical imagination and broad harmonic palette."
He has been featured in many magazine articles including Guitar Player, Vintage Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Just Jazz Guitar and foreign publications as well.
Andy is also a columnist for American publication Just Jazz Guitar, and has written articles and produced music reviews for titles such as Guitar player, Jazz Rag, and String Jazz.