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JLAJustice League of America (comics; also seen as JLOA)
JLAJustice League Animated (TV series)
JLAJapan Lifesaving Association
JLAJoe Louis Arena (Detroit, Michigan)
JLAJohn Lennon Airport (UK)
JLAJapan Library Association
JLAJustice League Adventures (comic book series)
JLAJamaica Live Stock Association
JLAJapan Lacrosse Association (est. 1987)
JLAJapan Linux Association (est. 1999)
JLAJunior League of Austin
JLAJugoslovanska Ljudska Armada (Slovenian: Yugoslav People's Army; 1945-1991)
JLAJournal of Library Administration
JLAJunior League of Athens
JLAJunior League of Atlanta
JLAJoe L. Allbritton
JLAJapan Lottery Association
JLAJoint Lead Agency
JLAJunior League of Annapolis
JLAJunior League of Arlington
JLAJunior Leaders Academy (Pakistan Army)
JLAJunior League of Albuquerque
JLAJunior League of Asheville
JLAJunior League of Abilene
JLAJunior League of Albany
JLAJunior League of Akron
JLAJunior League of Augusta (Georgia)
JLAJapan Lanchester Association
JLAJunior League of Alexandria
JLAJapanese Lyricists Assosination
JLAJoint Lead Arranger (banking)
JLAJerk-Locked Averaging
JLAJewish Leaders of America
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This, however, is just a front to turn public opinion against Earth's more prominent superheroes, particularly the Justice League of America.
Comic superstar artist Bryan Hitch will write and draw new tales of the world s greatest heroes in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA.
And those who were inclined to comment on the very poorly attended Justice League of America meeting walking down the road tended to focus on my colleague.
Here are new industry revelations about the fanzine, vintage articles about a range of characters from Blackhawk to the Justice League of America, and rarely-seen comics stories by Joe Kubert and others, some collected here for the first time.
In 2011, THE 99 team partnered with comic giants DC Comics' Justice League of America in a collaboration that was publicly praised by US President Barack Obama during a summit on entrepreneurship.
Sounds a little like crisis PR meets the Justice League of America.
It led to other opportunities, including a weekly comic strip called Captain Clyde for The Govan Press, plus various issues of DC Thomson's Starblazer before his breaks at Marvel and DC writing Batman, Justice League of America, The Invisibles and X Men.
But with today's amazing digital graphics, DC and Marvel can have the entire Justice League of America and all the Avengers leaping over skyscrapers and smashing through buildings with a jaw-dropping realism we only dreamed of when comics sold for a dime.
Jordan would become a founding member of the Justice League of America, DC Comics' flagship superhero team, and one of its most famous characters.
McDuffie wrote comics for the New York-based DCand Marvel, with runs on Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, the Fantastic Four and the Justice League of America.
But as a member of the Justice League of America and the property of DC Comics, Superman apparently has little say in the matter, and he, along with Batman, Aquaman, and other JLA members, will be featured in the adventures of a group called "The 99.
In a recent joint venture with DC Comics, THE 99 can be seen standing cape to shoulder with the iconic superheroes of the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, which include such legends as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.