JvNCnetJohn Von Neumann Computer Network
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Global Enterprise Service's JvNCnet is a communications network that provides Internet access and network services to academic, commercial and government organizations both nationally and internationally.
Developed as part of the supercomputing initiative when the Internet was being formed, JvNCnet emerged as a founding Internet network and became the first and fastest T1 TCP/IP research network in the world.
The company has been providing Internet services since 1986, as owner and operator of the JvNCnet, a founding backbone network to the Internet and the world's first T1 TCP/IP research network.
The initial roll out of GES' services in Latin America, including its JvNCnet high-speed Internet network and Ascend's remote access equipment, will take place in Mexico City later this month.
GES provides its US-based and international customers with a full spectrum of connectivity solutions utilizing its high-speed Internet network, the JvNCnet, and its expertise in network access and monitoring, equipment installation, client training, customer service, consulting and system security.