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K-9Canine (Dog)
K-9Canine Unit (of a police department)
K-9Military Working Dog Program
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In the meantime, Padilla said more security personnel would be deployed to protect the President amid the K-9 shortage.
The K-9 Kondo Kit was an immediate best seller and really put our company on the map with sales doubling every month.
Lonchiadis said the department will likely purchase another K-9 dog.
The K-9 Stay Away is also currently in Patent Pending status within the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Al Shamsi emphasised the division's role in criminal investigations noting that the K-9 division had recorded multiple achievements during the year.
First, the prosecutor should be able to explain and present the olfactory capabilities of the K-9, which are well documented.
Scenes like this aren't new to DEC's Division of Law Enforcement's (DLE) K-9 Unit, which has 30 years of experience detecting evidence, tracking people and apprehending violators.
K-9 co-creator Bob Baker, who has written the new show, said: "I am absolutely delighted to be giving K-9 a new lease of life and a new look for his own series.
McCarthy is one of the foremost experts on K-9 security in the United States.
The United States Police K-9 Association held its "2000 National Detector Dog Trials" in Johnson City, Tenn.