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K-ABCKaufman Assessment Battery for Children (cognitive ability test)
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Regarding our fourth objective, we see in Table 4 that the analysis of the two evolutionary stages assessed with Bayley-III and K-ABC, suggests that a cognitive and linguistic suggestive profile of communication disorder at 4.
Number recall in the K-ABC in children with auditory processing disorders.
Para ello, algunas de las pruebas que podemos utilizar son subpruebas de la Bateria K-ABC (24) (lectura/decodificacion y lectura/comprension, aritmetica), de la Bateria III de Woodcock-Munoz (fluidez de la escritura, ortografia, identificacion de letras y palabras, comprension de textos, calculo .
A nivel neuropsicologico los ninos autistas presentan peores puntuaciones en test donde se le exija una secuenciacion y planificacion (por ejemplo, el subtest de laberintos del WIC-IV (Wechsler, 2005) o el subtest de Series de fotos del K-ABC (Kaufman y Kaufman, 1997), asi como en test de comprension verbal (por ejemplo, el TVIP (Dunn y Dunn, 1986)) o el subtest de comprension del K-ABC (Kaufman y Kaufman, 1997)).
1990; Krohn y Lamp, 1999) han mostrado la validez del K-ABC como medida del funcionamiento cognitivo para ninos preescolares.
Conclusion: in general, according to the results obtained in the WISC-R, Woodcock-Munoz, Wisconsin and K-ABC, most of our patients were in the average and favorable categories.
These tests are influential worldwide, with the K-ABC currently being used in more than 20 countries.
The identification of the differential item functioning was performed due to presence of cultural differences in the Spanish adaptation of the K-ABC test of Kaufman.
As I began to read his criticisms of the K-ABC, I began to sweat.
The WISC-R, WPPSI, and the K-ABC have failed to measure students' IQ accurately.
In fact, a recent study of the diagnostic efficacy of the Mexico City SOMPA battery and K-ABC conducted in Los Angeles (Rueda, Figueroa, Mercado, & Cardoza, 1984) established that their error rates for U.