K-BITKaufman Brief Intelligence Tests
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Rather than allowing for the carry propagation long 64 bits, we divide the adder into several k-bit groups.
It contains N K-bit registers [R.sub.0], ..., [R.sub.N-1], and N - 1 comparators/swappers (t) marked with letters a, b, c, d, e, f g and operating in parallel.
To embed k-bit data [s.sup.k.sub.L] into the lower QL of an embeddable block [Bk.sub.i], [s.sup.k.sub.L] is transformed into its decimal representation [([s.sup.k.sub.L]).sub.10], and [([s.sup.k.sub.L]).sub.10] is then embedded by expand the prediction error:
When Naglieri and Bardos (1997) compared the GAMA with the K-BIT, they reported similar findings.
It is composed of N K-bit registers [R.sub.0],...,[R.sub.N-1], and N-1 comparators/swappers.
* To determine to what extent the children classified as a function of their learning potential (assessed by the transfer score of the ACFS in the initial assessment) differ in their progression on K-BIT and metacognition scores (difference of scores between the first assessment and follow-up two years later using the same instruments).
The tests were administered by qualified specialists in neuropsychological assessment and diagnosis, in the following order: ChiPS (27), K-BIT (28), and ENI (26).
When the sensor node receives k-bit data packet, the energy dissipation is--[E.sub.R](k) = [E.sub.elec] * k