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enormous overestimation of self-defense gun use: the fact that K-G are
The figure K-G are trying to determine is the true cumulative incidence
versions of Table 2, we take the K-G survey results as given, that 66
In that case, while the K-G estimate of defensive gun use is
The key point is that the K-G estimates are extremely sensitive to
comes very close to the NCVS estimate; the K-G figure of 2.5 million
However, one part of K-G's argument about possible social
Finally, as K-G acknowledge, various statistics from their survey
K-G are right to note that the details of DGUs are based on only
However, various other arguments against the K-G estimates do
affecting the NCVS and K-G 1993 survey, the widely divergent figures
Similarly, using the average of the K-G one-year lower (B)