K-LKarhunen-Loeve (mathematical expansion)
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In our work, we consider the K-L model because it is more effective than the Casson model.
The K-L model that is a relationship between shear and strain rate is defined as follows:
where u is the velocity of blood in the axial direction, [[tau].sub.c] is the yield stress, [k.sub.1] is plasma viscosity, and [k.sub.2] is a parameter constant in K-L model.
The resistance of blood flow for K-L model in a stenosis artery is obtained as
Se hizo un procesamiento convencional hasta el apilado, remplazando los filtros por le uso de la transformada K-L. Los resultados muestran que la Transformada K-L hace una mejor recuperacion de la amplitud de los reflectores, eliminando refracciones que causan eventos someros irreales e incrementando la coherencia lateral de los eventos sismicos, facilitando la interpretacion geologica.
The K-L Transform separates the Ground roll from the reflector signal, permitting to subtract it from seismic data.
Figure 4 shows the interactive spectral analysis for Seismic Record No 12 of UN-01, before on top and after on bottom the application of the K-L Transform.
The processing of the UN-01 Seismic Line provided stacked sections shown in Figure 9, on top conventional and on bottom with K-L. The section on bottom presents better results, increases lateral coherence and gives a clearer image.
According to Bharadwaj, K-L principal Peter Locke tried to get her to add scenes of female nudity to the film, reneging on an agreement to let her original version of the script stand unchanged.
Saying that K-L's version is not the film she intended to make, Bharadwaj is now attempting to have her name taken off the picture and have it released as an Alan Smithee film.