K-MKrauss-Maffei (German locomotive manufacturer)
K-MKetamine-Midazolam (anesthesiology)
K-MKaplan-Meier Survivorship
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Finally, Figure 8 presents the symmetrical properties of k-M set by the two thresholds, and we validate Theorems 6 and 7 with Figures 6, 7, and 8.
At first, we give threshold and convergent properties of k-M set by Theorem 3.
k-M set contains whole complex plane except countable points.
Putting the two centres side by side, says K-M, "creates unique scope for integrated processing.
K-M's RTP system starts by extruding an HDPE inner tube, which is over-wrapped diagonally with two to four layers of a composite tape of nylon, PET, or glass fibers impregnated with PE.
For open-mold pouring as in production of refrigerator doors, K-M's new 3B range of mixheads use impingement mixing to process hard-to-mix materials and provide turbulence-free discharge.
K-M is also showing a new version of its mixhead for LFI (long-fiber injection) technology that allows for the use of natural fibers such as flax, hemp, or sisal in place of glass.
Based on robots built by Motoman in Japan and Kulda in Germany, UP models are modified by K-M with special servo motors and Siemens control software.
The press will appear in K-M's booth at NPE in June, where it will mold a polycarbonate cell-phone battery cover with a TPE seal.
Designed specifically for plastics, K-M's Ultra-Wave is compatible with a variety of transducers.
The Eltec machine is the basis of K-M's new Triathlon DVD 5 machine (see photo, opposite).