K-SADSKiddie-Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia
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Children's psychopathologies diagnosed with K-SADS and CBCL Psychopathologies diagnosed by K-SADS and Male Female % CBCL Anxiety disorder, somatoform and dissociative 13 25 35.81 disorder (e.g.
Although the K-SADS is designed to be administered to both parent and participant, it was administered to participants only.
K-SADS Screening Part screened 27% of the 'exposed' group as against 25% of the 'controls'.
Routine diagnoses by the PCPs and actual cases identified following the K-SADS and psychiatric interviews were compared.
The PCPs identified 12 children as having some mental health problems (12/157=7.6%), while the K-SADS identified 40 as having psychiatric disorders; however only 8 of the 12 cases identified by PCPs had a psychiatric diagnosis on the K-SADS.
child-centered therapy in hyperarousal and total PTSD on the K-SADS and total PTSD on the RI.
"We've been using the ChIPS for the last 4 years, but we thought we needed to make sure that it was valid compared to what we think the gold standard is: the K-SADS," said Dr.
He and his associates administered the ChIPS and the K-SADS to 100 psychiatric inpatients aged 12-18 years who were enrolled in a study exploring the cognitive risk factors for suicidality.