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In July of 2014, the K-State Libraries were approached by the English Department to apply for a grant hosting an exhibit of William Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies, now commonly referred to as the First Folio.
Like K-State, credit unions aren't typically top of mind for consumers.
Campus curiosities: The Phil and Penny Knight etchings in the bathrooms of the John Jaqua Academic Center for Student Athletes are bizarre but don't compare with the K-State Insect Zoo.
I tell you this not because my car is K-State purple (well, OK, it's partly that), but also because the success of our football program under head coach Bill Snyder holds some valuable lessons for small business owners and how they run their firms.
which provided the K-State research team with $240,000 for two years as part of the developmental work.
The ready-to-eat product project was a collaboration with several other K-State researchers, including Terry Houser, assistant professor of meat science; Melvin Hunt, professor of animal sciences and industry; Kanithaporn Puangsombat, December 2010 doctoral graduate in food science, Bangkok, Thailand; and Priyadarshini Gadgil, a K-State graduate who now works as a research scientist at the U.
Burying such waste was a common practice for research universities at the time, and university officials say K-State followed all government regulations on hazardous and radioactive waste disposal.
In the early 1980s, cooperative leaders felt there was a strong need for more co-op education, and they wanted K-State to significantly enhance its co-op educational programs.
Today, K-State is developing modern curricula for Kabul University's English and engineering programs.
Chapman has been donating to K-State for the past 15 years.
Because reference e books are accessed electronically, K-State librarians refer to these books as e-Reference books or eReference resources.