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The in situ specimen demonstrates that a gap devoid of non-avian dinosaur fossils does not exist and is inconsistent with the hypothesis that non-avian dinosaurs were extinct prior to the K-T boundary impact event," a team of scientists wrote in the publication "Biology Letters.
While he does not contest that MediaNews owns K-T, he does contend "we have an option and interest" to be exercised in 2003.
This band of clay at the K-T boundary contains shocked quartz minerals, which typically form only in extraterrestrial impacts.
The second study, published in Nature last July 22nd, compares diagnostic ratios of rare isotopes found in melt rocks from Chicxulub and Manson with small blobs of glass found at the K-T boundary on the Caribbean island of Haiti.
Brown said, "Hecla is continuing the court proceeding against Zemex, seeking damages incurred from Zemex's failure to purchase K-T Clay as agreed.
Hecla had earlier sued Zemex Corporation of Toronto, Canada, for refusing to close on the purchase of K-T Clay's ball clay and kaolin operations.
Scientific interest in the process of impacting has surged in recent years as researchers accumulate evidence of life-disrupting blows at the K-T boundary and other major turning points in geologic time.
K-T Clay also operates a clay processing plant in Mexico.
There has been some general speculation in the marketplace and the investment community that a sale of K-T Clay is pending," said Hecla CEO Arthur Brown.
Through the 1980s, impact supporters strengthened their case by finding numerous other clues preserved in the K-T boundary clay layer around the world.
Brown said, "Although a final decision has not been made, clearly K-T Clay is a sought-after property and should command a good price.
But new work suggests that the Manson crater is older and played no role in the K-T die-offs.