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K12Kindergarten through 12th Grade (US)
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Authored by a team of K12 educators, including Chief Academic Officer Dr.
Sheri Wells, a philanthropist and technology engineer, founded Discovery K12 to help educate children worldwide.
The internal contribution impact in future periods may vary depending on actual student enrollment levels and the breadth of K12 curriculum services the school utilizes versus self-developed curriculum.
The first study evaluated the effectiveness of BLIS K12 oral probiotic for supporting ear and throat health in children.
K12 has worked with over 2,000 school districts and has delivered more than four million courses over the past decade.
BLIS K12 is an oral probiotic with an excellent safety record that has been used in studies with children," says Shai Karlinski, vice president of sales and marketing for Anlit.
An alarming reality for K12: Despite the radical transformation of data storage and information access, there has been no associated transformation of K12 education.
Thanks to the federal aid, youngsters taking part in the K12 experiment enjoy computer instruction and step-by-step lesson plans for parents to follow.
K12 offers a formal curriculum for grades K-9 in language arts, math, history, science, art and music.
The K12 Education Company was founded by William Bennett, former U.
Key findings in the K12 2013 Academic Report, include:
Results published in American Society of Microbiology indicate BLIS K12 exhibits a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect directly related to its interaction and colonization with its host.