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K16Keratin 16
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showed that K16 expression is observed in nonlesional skin from psoriatic patients and concluded that K16 could be a marker of preclinical psoriasis and could help identify people who might develop the disease [100].
Next, the cytoskeletal components important for migration (K6 and K16) were analyzed by RT-PCR and Western blot.
In the case of psoriatic skin, the skin is characterized as having decreased levels of K1 and K10 and increased expression of K6 and K16 in the epidermis [21].
Stork Prints inks are not just suited for the printer Sphene, but can also run on the Reggiani Renoir, MS JP, MS JPK-series, La Meccanica Qualijet K8 and K16 printers.
In the United States, foreign language ability, global awareness, and intercultural communication skills are increasingly recognized as essential dimensions of productive participation in the emerging economic, civic, political and social arenas of the 21st century, and the call to promote these capacities in today's students has been sounded across the spectrum of K16 and higher education, as well as cross-sector organizations concerned with competitiveness in the global economy (American Council on Education, 2007; Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 2009).
The unique new elastomeric compound, called K16, improves Federal-Mogul's leading technology in Unipiston bonded hydraulic clutch pistons and enables the company to reduce the environmental footprint of its manufacturing operations with significant reductions in CO2 emissions and natural gas consumption.
actual K9 K9 K1 K1 K10 K10 K2 K2 K11 K11 K3 K3 K12 K12 K4 K4 K13 K13 K5 K5 K14 K14 K6a K6a K15 K15 K6b K6b K16 K16 K6e/h K6c K17 K17 K7 K7 K18 K18 K8 K8 K19 K19 K2p K76 K20 K20 K1b K77 K23 K23 K5b K78 K24 K24 K6I K79 Kb20 K80
A citoqueratina 16 (K16) e um marcador de "hiperproliferacao" expresso em varios processos patologicos, durante o processo de reparo e em tecidos que apresentam naturalmente alto "turnover" celular (30).
Seven loci significantly deviated (p<0.05) from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, K10 and K27 in the Tasik Bera population and D92, D85, D11, K16 and K37 in both populations.
Sir2 removes an acetyl group attached to a specific site (lysine at position 16 or K16) on histone H4-histones are proteins that package and organize the long strands of DNA within the nucleus and also are central regulators in turning genes on and off.
Public education, K16, health care and crumbling infrastructures are all big-ticket items.