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K18Keratin 18 (dermatology)
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187-2 x C103 K18 Derived from MO17 changes in Iran K19 Derived from MO17 changes in Iran Reid Yellow Dent (RYD) A679 A B73 back-ross derived-line [(A662 x B73)(3)] Extracted from late synthetic (Created in Iran) K3651/1 SYN-Late (Iran) Lines extracted from CIMMMYT originated materials in Iran K166A K166B Table 2: Analysis of variance of traits in maize inbred lines under drought stress condition Source of Degree of Grain Grain starch variance freedom yield percent Block 2 2990 ** 5.
DAVID STIRK, 7 Runnels View, Auchinleck, near Cumnock, Ayrshire K18 2LE
To construct a comparison schedule for Exhibit II which considers the tax effect, one needs to modify the cell formula of K18 to +K18+J18*.
We also know from previous studies that neither K8 nor K18 alone would interact with the DP tail.
Suitable bulbs are the halogen types HPR 51 and HPR 36 operated at 6 volts and the Krypton K18 at 7 volts.
K6 > K5 > K3 > K4 > K15 > K17 > K22 > K19 > K23 > K24 > K21 > K10 > K9 > K8 > K18 > K16 > K20.
Early maturity inbred lines K1263/2-1, K2331, S61, K1264/1, KE72012/1-12, K2816, TVA926, K1263/ 1, K722 Moderate maturity inbred lines K615/1, K1264/5-1 Late maturity inbred lines OH43/1-42, K18, L105, M017, K19, K74/ 1, B73, R59 Table 2: Grain corn hybrides names to evaluated.
9 9 Shoal Bay lobe Unit Sample # K09 K16 K18 K26 K27 Si[O.
The WPE-stein cell line (NSCs) was isolated from the RWPE-1 line by single-cell dilution cloning and shows characteristics of urogenital system stem/progenitor cells, with anchorage-independent growth, nonadherent spheroid formation, high expres-sion of p63, K5, K14, ABCG2, and BMI, and low expression of 12, K18, AR, and PSA (Tokar et al.
5f B73 301de 2104cde K74/1 160de 1625def K18 1095bc 2125cde K3651/2 419cde 3771a K3651/1 90de 1834cdef A679 203de 2041cdef K166A 1638ab 2375bcd K3544/1 400de 1938cdef K166B 2038a 3521ab K3640/5 30e 854ef K47/2-2-1-21-2-1-1-1 373de 1916cdef K47/2-2-1-3-3-1-1-1 588cde 3209abc K19 585cde 3271abc K19/1 785cd 1916cdef Average 585 2210 Decrease percent in stress condition %73.
Real-time PCR was performed on 100 [micro]g total RNA to assess relative transcript levels of Cyplal, Cyplbl, Insig1 (insulin induced gene 1), Ccdn1 (cyclin Dl), Myc (myelocyto-matosis oncogene), Egf (epidermal growth factor), Ereg (epiregulin), Esr 1 (estrogen receptor 1), and Esr2 (estrogen receptor 2) using Assays-on-Demand (Applied Biosystems) with Gusb (glucuronidase, beta) as the endogenous control and K18 (keratin 18) as an epithelial-specific marker in PND50 mammary glands (Livak and Schmittgen 2001).
The fifth cluster can be divided into two groups, the first included two sub-sub clusters; one formed olive variety K18 with one individual tree from Tafila, the second formed two individuals of Tafilah and Nabali Baladi showed separated group (Figure 1).