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K19Keratin Polypeptide 19 (protein)
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5) The detection of soluble K19 fragments in the serum released by carcinoma cells by the CYFRA 21-1 has found broad clinical application as a marker to monitor treatment and evaluate response to therapy.
In yeast [beta]-tubulin, replacement of K19 and D26 by alanin and glycin respectively reduce the methylene groups that interact with the C3'-benzamidophenyl ring.
En epitelios normales K19 es secretada por celulas basales de tejido no queratinizado, en GUN es secretada en mayor cantidad y con marcada actividad de ARNm en estas celulas.
Se uso el anticuerpo AE1 que permite identificar las citoqueratinas K10, K14, K15, K16 y K19 y el AE3 que identifica las 8 citoqueratinas basicas (K1-K8).
The Jambo contingent was also boosted by eight survivors of the notorious K19 "Widowmaker" disaster at the height of the Cold War.
They will be exhibiting at ISM in ball 5, stand K19.
Hare Bay lobe Unit Sample # K05 K06 K07 K10 K19 Si[O.
It was touch and go for a while whether actor Liam Neeson would be able to take on the physically-demanding role of the popular Captain Polenin in K19 as he was still recovering from injuries he received in a near fatal bike crash.