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K25Gaseous Diffusion Plant (at Oak Ridge, TN)
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SVS is supported by the National Institutes of Health Career Development Award (NHLBI 1 K25 HL081275).
This study was supported in part by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (K23 AI01794, K24 AI01794, K25 AI50436, AI 058736 and P30 060354).
The redesigned K21 and K25 engines feature the electronic concentrated control system for gasoline, LPG and dual fuel use.
The other, from Area II (trench K25 Ibc, level 2), consists of debris laid down when the area was cleared for later building; it was mixed with earlier Mycenaean and Byzantine material.
This work was supported by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences grant K25 ES011281 (J.
6 Minor felsic bodies Unit Sample # K22 K24 K25 K28 K38 Si[O.
90 1974 Indexation (annual) K20 K8 1975 Indexation (six monthly) K25.
Meanwhile, a critical shortage of the country's staple food -- maize -- has drastically pushed up the price of mealie meal by nearly 100% -- from K25,000 for a 25kg bag to K48,000.
Chromosomes pairs Observed Hybrid plants Cells observed Bivalents Univalents n n K1 x S7 10 53 18 0 1 17([dagger]) 1 K25 x S8 5 34 18 0 K16 x S30 1 56 18 0 S7 x K1 1 15 18 0 S30 x K16 3 3 18 0 ([dagger]) Shown in Fig.
The court noted that it had requested a report because the relatives of the deceased had demanded compensation of K25,000 (8,445 [pounds sterling]) and the defendant's relatives had made a preliminary payment of K4,200 (1,418 [pounds sterling]) plus 12 pigs.