K2PKimura 2-Parameter
K2PKnown to Police (band)
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iredalei, K2P distances between some sequences are as high as 2.6%-3.5% (Table 2).
Although four specimens (SL03-SL06) collected in the same habitat in Xuyen Moc showed no genetic divergence among them, a male (SL02) specimen collected from Long Khanh has a genetic divergence of 4.70% [+ or -] 0.90% from the former specimens in the K2P model (Table 2), without distinct morphological differences.
NeighborJoining phylogenetic analysis, generated from K2P distances, showed that species are grouped according to the groups identified using Automatic Barcode Gap Discovery analysis (Figure 1).
In this context, the Ministry of Public Health, in collaboration with "himaya", UNICEF, and K2P Center at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the American University of Beirut (AUB), held a Policy Dialogue aiming at Strengthening Child Protection Practices in Healthcare Institutions in Lebanon, on February 23rd 2018 at Rotana Gefinor, Beirut.
2); the mean inter-subclade K2P genetic differentiation was 5.47% (4.74% - 6.53%).
Canadian Union of Public Employees, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P OW6 Canadian Union of Public Employees.
Coordinated and facilitated by the Knowledge to Policy (K2P) Center at the American University of Beirut (AUB) in collaboration with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, this dialogue was supported by the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research at the World Health Organization.
Building on the previous success of its Board Review and Master Class products, K2P will use its financing to expand its physician-education offerings into three new areas, the company said.
Pairwise genetic distances for each individual sequence data set, and all possible combinations of the three sequence data sets, were determined by Kimura 2-parameter (K2P) method (Kimura, 1980) using MEGA6 (Tamura et al., 2013).
Although many studies have speculated that potassium channels induce neuronal apoptosis [33,34] or immune inflammatory injury [35], increasing evidence suggests that an important emerging therapeutic mechanism underlying neuroprotection is the activation/opening K2P channels.