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K2SO4Potassium Sulfate (chemistry)
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5 M K2SO4 extractable NH4 N and NO3 N nitrogen were determined by colorimetry (Automated chemistry analyzer) only in extracts from the non-fumigated soil samples at 660 and 545 nm, respectively.
While, potassium treatments included foliar sprays of 0, 1, 2 and 5% K2SO4 solutions.
Nitrogen was determined using mocr-Kjeldahl method using K2SO4 and CuSO4 mixture as digestion catalyst and phosphorus was determined in a spectrohotometer (model Novaspect II).
A uniform fertilizer dose of 200 kg N, 90 kg P2O5 and 90 kg K2SO4 was applied.
As smoke ages, KCl particles may react with gaseous acids to form K2SO4 and KNO3 [ 23 ] High chloride in this factor may be primarily from coal burning in power plants and in brick kilns [24 ] .
Phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen as per treatment were applied in the form of single super phosphate, K2SO4 and urea.
soil application of K2SO4 @ 70 Kg ha-1 (T1), foliar application of KNO3 @ 0.
Five grams of catalyst mixture containing CuSO4 and K2SO4 (9:1) and25 ml of concentrated H2SO4 were added.
3 g potassium as K2SO4 one week after the first harvest.