K3GKabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (movie)
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Leisurely set-up benefits pic's first, and biggest, production number, which comes almost an hour into the movie, melding the four main characters' stories in a similar way to "Say 'shava, shava'" in "K3G." Six-minute extravaganza, a riot of color and movement by costumer Manish Malhotra and choreographer Farah Khan, isn't quite on the level of the classic "Shava" but is a head-spinner all the same.
For three and a half hours, K3G focuses on two central themes - family values and love.
Sentimental and cheesy, K3G is entertaining in a way Hollywood could never be.
In K3G, Khan played the male lead and added dollops of zing with his charming role.
It's in this half of the movie that first-time helmer Nikhil Adavani, who worked as an assistant on "KKHH" and "K3G," shows his smarts, keeping in the air simultaneously a rain-and-shine blend between comedy and drama, often in the same scenes, along with the three main characters' emotional stories.
Per genre rules, events climax in a spectacular shaadi (wedding) number ("Maahi ve"), which comes close to equaling the classic "Say shava shava" in "K3G." But the script then pushes on for another, "Dance at the Gym"-like capper and a relatively unsentimental postscript.
No stranger to patriarch roles ("K3G"), Bachchan redeems his rep after a sorry turn in crime exploitationer "Boom," and his chemistry with Rawal in the second half is moving.
Following Karan Johar's huge 1999 success "Kuch kuch hota hai," expectation for his "K3G" has been at fever pitch, especially in light of Bollywood's rocky local fortunes this year.