K64Komodore64 (Dutch gaming company)
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Teese botnia oy ab asks for an offer from the city of vaasa municipal engineering for construction of traffic lights at the junction k64 vyrinkatu - kalastajankatu in accordance with the attached tender documents.
Walterscheid's redesigned K64 Cut-Out Clutch further improves the successful K64 series clutches.
Dec rnd 1: K15, ssk, k64, k2tog, k30, ssk, k64, k2tog, k15; 192 sts.
Completely open source and developed in partnership with NXP, the Hexiwear device incorporates a low-power NXP Kinetis K64 microcontroller, Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and wireless connectivity, and six onboard sensors into a compact wearable form factor for developers who need a complete Internet of Things (IoT) toolkit.
The Hexiwear module features the NXP Kinetis K64 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller as well as an NXP Kinetis KW4x ARM Cortex-M0+ Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) microcontroller.
The Esquilo product line, now available at Mouser Electronics, leads with the Esquilo Air a complete IoT development board based on a Kinetis K64 120MHz ARM Cortex-M4F processor from Freescale Semiconductor.
These include: Atmel s SAMA5D4 Xplained Ultra - with advance security features and 720p hardware video decoder, RIoTboard an open source evaluation platform ideal for Android and Linux development using the ARM Cortex-A9 architecture running at 1GHz, Freescale s Freedom K64 based mbed IoT Starter Kit a complete starter kit with Freedom K64 that allows quick prototyping of a variety of applications for the IoT, Texas Instruments CC3200 Launchpad - the industry s first single chip WIFI solution integrating WIFI, internet, security and a programmable Cortex-M4 MCU designed to aid the development of faster, easier solutions for the IoT.
The new Freescale Freedom K64F development platform features a Kinetis K64 series microcontroller built on the ARM CortexA-M4 core, and can be used to evaluate the K64, K63 and K24 Kinetis K devices.
The new Freescale Freedom K64F development platform, which adds to the extensive portfolio of over 7000 development kits at element14, features a Kinetis K64 series microcontroller, built on the ARM CortexA-M4 core.