K8sKubernetes (open source software)
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Plugging into k8s enables Airflow to be operated and scheduled by k8s.
Some of them, such as Azure, have made their k8s offering (i.e., control plane) free.
If you can ship your application as a Docker image, then you are just a few steps away from making it available on k8s.
Morpheus also helps corporate IT extract the most value from K8s by enabling teams to easily deploy and manage K8s alongside other technologies.
With today's updates, customers can now utilize native K8s scripting as part of Morpheus workflows.
Abstractions to separate the shape and size of the environment are built into k8s so the user does not need to worry about how to deploy into a test or production environment.
But for the purposes of this article, I'm primarily talking about Kubernetes (frequently abbreviated as "k8s").