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KAAAKansas Agricultural Aviation Association
KAAAKenya Amateur Athletics Association
KAAAKadoorie Agricultural Aid Association
KAAAKansas Acoustic Arts Association
KAAAKuwait Association of Accountants and Auditors
KAAAKentucky Association of Administrative Adjudicators
KAAAKorean-American Acupuncture Association
KAAAKansas Architectural Accessibility Act
KAAAKansas Auctioneers Association Auxiliary
KAAAKuwait Arab Advertising Awards
KAAAKinondoni Amateur Athletics Association (Tanzania)
KAAAKyoto Advertising Agencies Association (Japan)
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The KAAA believed assistance for refugee farmers was a way to transform farmers both physically and psychologically.
The KAAA donated pigs to destitute farmers to help them initiate this transformation.
The operation of the FIP was a territory-wide scheme coordinated by the DAFF, KAAA, and Public Works offices.
The coordinated activities of the DAFF and KAAA in the FIP's governance system directed the promotion of capitalist pig production in three major stages.
The KAAA donation scheme created hierarchical relations among pig farmers because those receiving the donation from the association often considered themselves poor.
A widow with five young children received KAAA's gifts of 'two sows and pig feed' because 'her main form of livelihood was market gardening from 3 Dau Chung (17) [0.5 acre] of poor land and she was finding it very difficult to carry on ...
Second, this article analyze s and critiques the Supreme Court's decision, recognizing the Supreme Court's attempt to address the harsh inequities created by the Second District's decision in Kaaa, but revealing internal inconsistencies and conflicts with case law and statute.
The Stevens decision must be read particularly carefully because the Supreme Court in Kaaa approved Stevens.
3d 901 (Fla 5fh DCA 2 010), a decision later withdrawn in light or the Supreme Court's decision in Kaaa, was the Fifth District's attempt to craft a different formula.
We now arrive at Kaaa. Joseph and Katherine Kaaa married in 1980.
Concluding that Katherine Kaaa was entitled to equitable distribution of only the home's appreciation value, the trial court found that Katherine was entitled to $18,339.50, one-half of $36,679.00 ($14,400 in active appreciation plus $22,279 in mortgage paydown).
[section] 61.075(6) (a)1(b),26 which states that "marital assets and liabilities" includes the "enhancement and appreciation of nonmarital assets resulting either from the efforts of either party during the marriage or from the contribution to or expenditure thereon of marital funds or other forms of marital assets, or both." (27) The court rejected Joseph Kaaa's argument that passive appreciation is not encompassed by the cited language, concluding that passive appreciation "is properly considered a marital asset where marital funds or the efforts of either party contributed to the appreciation." (28) Note that the phrase "or the efforts of either party" is taken word-for-word directly from the cited statutory section.