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KAABKorea Architectural Accrediting Board (est. 2005; South Korea)
KAABKorean Advanced Amusement Brand (entertainment company; South Korea)
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The authors would like to express their appreciation to Dua'a Ashgar, Suaad Al-Qarni and Huda Al-Hawsawi, the dental therapists in KAAB Hospital for their valuable help during the study.
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Maisarah Islamic Banking Services from BankDhofar sponsored the prize distribution ceremony of the annual Quran recitation competition organised by Kaab bin Zaid School in Seeb.
Kaab, 2013: Region-wide glacier mass balances over the PamirKarakoram-Himalaya during 1999-2011.
Dr Al Nuaimi presented the shield of excellence to Hamad Town Boys' Secondary School, Ghazi Algosaibi Girls' Secondary School, Jidhafs Girls' Secondary School, Khawla Girls' Secondary School, Om Salama Intermediate Girls' School, Kairouan Intermediate Girls' School, Zallaq Primary-Intermediate Girls' School, Budaiya Primary-Intermediate Girls' School, Mariam Bin Omran Primary Girls' School, Naseeba Bint Kaab Girls' Primary Girls' School, Al Safa Primary Girls' School, Pearl of the Gulf School, Al Eman School and Al Amal Special Education Institute.
(2012) described substantial thinning of glaciers and ice caps on Bylot and Baffin Islands at the regional scale, while local studies have described glacier recession on Bylot Island (Dowdeswell et al., 2007) and eastern Baffin Island (Paul and Kaab, 2005; Paul and Svoboda, 2010) over the past 50 years.
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TODAY'S TIPS YARMOUTH: 1.50 Kaab, 2.20 Dorset Cream, 2.50 Asyad, 3.20 Soul Instinct, 3.50 Green Howard, 4.20 Size, 4.50 Resonare, 5.20 Nelina.