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KAABKorean Advanced Amusement Brand (entertainment company; South Korea)
KAABKorea Architectural Accrediting Board (est. 2005; South Korea)
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Under the leadership of Sheikh Jabir Al-Kaabi, the Bani Kaab fought to stave off British and Ottoman invasions.
They eventually went from hospital-to-hospital in the city and finally found him in the Sassoon Hospital morgue the next afternoon, said Adel Kaab, an Iranian roommate.
Complicating Shiite rights in Sunni Ottoman dominions were the Kaab tribe who left the central Arabian region of the Najd and settled in what would be eventually named Arabistan (land of the Arabs).
Kaab, LLC, Adam Barton, 2940 Crescent Ave Unit 157.
O'Rourke B, Kass DA, Tomaselli GF, Kaab S, Tunin R, Marban E.
The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) had assigned to Nusaiba, daughter of Kaab, a role identical to the head of a market-inspection team.
The Naim, Al Bu-Shamis, Bani Qitab and Bani Kaab were all claimed to be Omani as well.