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KAANKorean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network
KAANKnowledge Above All Nonsense (rapper; Brandon Perry pseudonym)
KAANKansas Academic Advising Network (Wichita, KS)
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A total of 35 silver medals were awarded to Lucas Williams who won four, three each went to David Broadbent, Gabriella Watts and Harry Puffett, two were awarded to Mia Parkes, Thomas Vince, Lauren Shakell, Jack Moulton, William Luke and Luke Wilkin and one each for Jamie Black, Thomas Smith, Chloe Parker-Mead, Lucas Morton, Kaan Temuge-Winder, Ella-Mae Fereday, Finlay Monaghan, Ben Stewart, Alex Lynch and Evie Lynch.
Third place individual positions were awarded to Finlay Monaghan, Lauren Shakell, Greg Newman, Kaan Temuge-Winder, Megan Higginson, Chloe Parker-Mead and Ethan Barnes.
Akcent will perform at 11pm, followed by Turkish DJ Kaan Gokman on the decks from midnight.
Entry to the flats is from a small rear courtyard, facing south and overlooked by yet another building with a projecting garden apartment - renovated by Claus and Kaan to the east.
Another debut feature by a Turkish director, "Sivas," a 2014 drama that brought its writer-director Kaan ME-jdeci a special jury award at last year's Venice International Film Festival, will be shown out of competition at Sarajevo's In Focus section, a showcase of exceptional films that have already had considerable success at prestigious festivals worldwide.
Over 32 events, gold medals were awarded to Alex Lynch, Amelia Hobrow, Casey White, Cerys Farmer, Ella-Mae Fereday, Ethan Barnes, Harvey Matkin, Jack Moulton, Kaan Temuge-Winder, Lauren Shakell, Luke Wilkin, Mia Parkes, Tamzin Finn and William Luke.
Akcent will perform on January 26 at 11pm, followed by Turkish DJ Kaan Gokman on the decks from midnight.
ANKARA, Feb 2, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkish-Armenian Business Development Council (TABDC) Co-Chairman Kaan Soyak said on Tuesday that 300 million USD of trade volume between Turkey and Armenia was a success.
Last year we had Kaan ME-jdeci [from Turkey] in the main competition with 'Sivas' and this year it is Emin Alper with his beautiful, very rough and shocking film," Barbera commented.
Junior League Swimmers (l-r, back row) Gabriella Watts, |William Beardmore, Atticus Walton-Hayfield, Sepehr Sobhani, Evan Jones, Harvey Matkin, Harry Lewis, Laura Matkin, Amelia Hobrow; (middle row) Ben Stewart, Mason Barnes, Mia Parkes, Toby Dearden, Jack Dearden, Amelia Bassnett, Megan Higginson; (front row) Kaan Temuge-Winder, Finlay Monaghan, Lauren Shakell, Alexander Vega Flores, Evie-Louise Fereday, William Luke and Luke Wilkin
Sivas," the Venice Film Festival award-winning debut feature by director Kaan ME-jdeci, won best editing.
The overall age group trophy winners after 28 events were: Lilly-Ella Bentley-Green and Caleb Chittem (eight-year-olds), Mia Parkes and Kaan Temuge-Winder (nineyear-olds), Laura Matkin and Evan Jones (ten-yearolds), Gabriella Watts and Sepehr Sobhani (11-yearolds), Amie Ludgate and Aaron Finn (12-year-olds), Mya Aitken and Elliot Stewart (13-year-olds), Bethany Morrin and Lynden Holtom-Stott (14-year-olds), Meg Morrison and Lucas Williams (15-year-olds) and Jessica Sutton and Joe Lynch (16 and over).