KAAOKenya Association of Air Operators
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Col (Rtd) Karumba Waithaka, KAAO chief executive officer, said the airstrips must be maintained since they are enablers to economic development.
Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to Bosnia and Herzegovina Martin KaAo thanked Minister OsmanoviA and his associates for facilitating the signing of this important document, which strengthens cooperation between Slovakia and BiH in the field of youth work.
'The Memorandum implies the exchange of documents, research papers, exchange of visits by the youth delegations and other forms of cooperation,' Ambassador KaAo said, adding that Slovakia is ready to continue deepening cooperation in every area that accelerates the European and Euro-Atlantic integration processes.
In 1982, his duet with Nong Nut Duangchiiwan, 'Num naa kaao', was the top selling song for that year and started a fashion for duets (see Figure 2).
Four of the songs--'Kittueng kon koei rak' ('Missing you'), 'Kit nak' ('Think hard'), 'Muean kaao ror fon' ('Like rice waiting for rain'), and 'Ork hak rak salaai' ('My broken heart')--are from the point of view of an abandoned lover.
('Like rice waiting for rain') Ror jao muean kaao ror fon Raak dton hiao prorm dtaai bpai Pii yuu muean kon ja sinjai Mai pit arai gap bai kaao chao Sorapet makes frequent use of this kind of metaphorical language.
With the chart at the ready, frequencies either active or ready for immediate activation, and the critical inbound information on my control wheel near my primary scan, all I would have to do to fly the approach would be to tell the 750 to go directly to KAAO, select and activate the approach, and head direct to the IAF--all the while coordinating with Wichita Approach, whether as a normal clearance change or after declaring an emergency as the situation required.
- 11.00 - BiH Presidency Member Mladen IvaniA will receive in an inaugural visit Martin KaAo, Ambassador of Slovakia to BiH