KAAOTKhawr Al Amaya Oil Terminal
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"The Iraqi navy is ready and capable of assuming security responsibility for KAAOT," said Rear Adm.
and coalition forces have maintained a presence on KAAOT since April 2004, assisting the Iraqi Navy by helping provide security to their oil platforms, which account for approximately 70 to 85 percent of Iraq's gross domestic product.
Kaaot and Abot are defended by Iraqi marines living on each platform and by Iraqi patrol boats supported by coalition ships at sea.
Kaaot is not in good repair and we were advised to mind our footing because there was a real risk of disappearing through deck plates into the sea.
They have Internet access, air-conditioned shacks, Sony Playstations, satellite TV and a gym that is the envy of the other detachments on KAAOT. The helicopter pad on ABOT can be used as a golf course.
KAAOT is the older, more run-down terminal, which boasts a natural habitat, mostly enjoyed by rats, in the areas that have not been repaired.
"The coalition's commitment to the future of Iraq is evident by the security operations we conduct to ensure the safety and security of ABOT and KAAOT now and into the future."
"The only problem is that on KAAOT we have only a thousand meters of habitability, and half of that is the Iraqis' territory."