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KAARKnoxville Area Association of Realtors (Tennessee)
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Full-access members of the KAAR CIE have access to comprehensive demographic reports available to download in PDF or export to Excel.
For maximum listing exposure, KAAR CIE members have the option to send their listings via Catylist's unique distribution channels to Google Base, Yahoo, Vast, Lycos/Oodle, Southeast Real Estate Business, and more, without ever re-entering data.
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Alliance Names Nidhish Parikh of Nokia as Chairman; Bob Brummer of Microsoft as Vice Chairman; Elects Peter Kaars of Technicolor as Standing Director
Finally, with reference to mangrove development, the first regional evidence comes from pollen samples from three cores located to the north of the Sahul shelf (van de Kaars 1991) where a relative date of 12,000 b.