KABPKnowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Practices (HIV/AIDS research method)
KABPKnowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs and Practices
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This is a KABP (knowledge, attitude, behavior and practice) study whose aim is to find out how much people living in Maluti, Seboche and Paray (three regions in rural Lesotho where this study was carried out) know about the threat of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.
Results of Population Based KABP Survey on HIV/AIDS and STDs in Kotido District North Eastern Uganda.
Results from the KABP (2004) indicate: a decline in median age of first sex, persisting inaccurate perceptions and myths about HIV transmission, increased commercial sex--6% of males 15-24 and 15% of males 25-49 engaged in commercial sex in 2004 increased from 2% and 1.