KACSKorean American Community Services (est. 1972)
KACSKentucky Association of Convenience Stores
KACSKoenigsegg Advanced Control System (automotive engineering)
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Table S1 shows that KACs were composed of C and O and trace amount of N.
The capacitive performance of KACs as electrode materials for SC application was tested in the aqueous solution of 1 M [H.sub.2]S[O.sub.4].
The resultant products were marked as Konjac derived activated carbon (KAC)--700, 800, and 900, respectively.
The steep increase in low-angle scatter in KAC samples compared with UAC originates from the enriched micro/mesopores [29].
Therefore, BET characterization was conducted to further evaluate the texture properties and the effect of KOH amount and activation temperature on the pore structure of KAC materials.
KAC-900 and KAC-4 showed remarkable capacitance retention of ~77% with the current density increasing from 0.5 A/g to 10 A/g, which was better than that of the rest KAC samples (70%~ 72%).
Above all, KAC-700 exhibited the highest specific capacitance while KAC-900 and KAC-4 showed the best rate capability among the series of KAC materials.
To this end, the panchayat president and the VAO (arguably the most important state agents at the village level) were invited to be a part of the village Kiosk Advisory Committee (KAC).
(26.) In Lakshmi's village, too, the KAC was envisioned as a way to make the president a part of the effort and bring him into the loop.