KACSTKing Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia)
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The KACST president pointed out that rapid technological advances in protecting military systems, communications and information led to the emergence of extraordinary threats to radar and electronic warfare systems.
KACST coordinates the activities of government institutions and scientific research centres in accordance with the requirements of the development of the kingdom.
With its current scientific Saudi resources and technology experts, KACST is considered to be the main technology partner for the new venture in Saudi Arabia.
Turki bin Saud, president of KACST and chairman of the board of directors for Taqnia said: "With the expected cooperation between the new joint venture and KACST as its technology partner, the joint venture and satellite RF manufacturing facility will help to propel the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to become a leader in advanced integrated terminal solutions".
He said that KACST is scheduled to implement a satellite launching programme starting from 2019 through 2020 and 2023, in collaboration with a team composed from NASA, Stanford and the German Space Agency.
The agreements were signed by KACST President Turki bin Saud bin Mohammad Al-Saud, SEC CEO Ziad Mohammad Al-Sheeha and Taqnia Energy CEO Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Muhanna.
Present at a press conference at KACST headquarters to announce the agreement were Antonov chief Dmitry Kiva, Saudi Aviation Technology Company chief executive Major General Ali Al-Ghamdi and other senior officials at KACST headquarters.
The new Brocade campus network environment, deployed by Brocade's local partner Nesma Advanced Technology, spans 16 buildings including the KACST headquarters, which houses the institution's data center.
KACST is responsible for science, technology, and innovation in Saudi Arabia, and as an independent scientific organization, KACST reports to the Saudi Arabian King and Prime Minister, Abdullah bin Abdulaziz.
The inaugural session of the conference was opened by Dr Mohammad Al Suwaiyai, president of KACST, followed by addresses by leading speakers including Nasa chief, General Charles Bolden and Prince Sultan Bin Salman, who is the first Arab and Muslim cosmonaut.
KACST plans to power the plant with the ultra-high concentrator photovoltaic (UHCPV) technology being jointly developed by IBM and KACST.
Most of these engineers will be the work-force for KACST mega projects.