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KADAKorean-American Digital Archive (University of Southern California; Los Angeles, CA)
KADAKlamath Alcohol & Drug Abuse (treatment group; Oregon)
KADAKorean Alliance to Defeat AIDS (Seoul, South Korea)
KADAKentucky Automobile Dealers Association
KADAKemubu Agricultural and Development Authority (Malaysia)
KADAKorean American Dental Association
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Table 2 illustrates the details of the mean scores for the knowledge and information obtained by farmers on MADA, KADA and IADA.
The findings reveal that the total mean score for MADA, KADA and IADA are 3.
Hardly have the chance except IADA, MADA and KADA demonstrate infrequent of fertilizer manufacturing companies to seek farmer's opinion (3.
The overall mean scores for MADA, KADA and IADA are 3.
However, the farmers in KADA strongly believe that structured program is essential to help better understanding of the innovation in new fertilizer usage (4.
The overall mean score for MADA, KADA and IADA are 3.
In addition, farmers particularly in MADA and KADA face difficulties in their discussion with agriculture officers about new fertilizer product (MADA=2.
This research focuses on studying the factors that affect the use of innovation in the rice cultivation system for the two granary areas of KADA and MADA.
It then allows conclusions to be made whether there is any significant statistical difference between MADA and KADA in terms of the communication dimension in innovation.
Table 2 presents the average score and the reliability values for MADA and KADA farmers.
MADA and KADA are the two main granary areas of the country.
Table 1: Distribution of Respondent Based on Granary Areas Area Number of Respondent Muda Agricultural Development Authority (MADA) 200 Kemubu Agricultural Development Authority (KADA) 200 Total 400 Table 2: Average Scores and Standard Deviations for MADA and KADA Farmers No Dimension Area Average Standard Reliability Value Score Deviations 1 Role and MADA 3.