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KADEKCongress for Freedom and Democracy in Kurdistan
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The servants also announce the new name of the young girl who henceforth will be called Kadek Ermayanti rather than Luh Pastining.
Kadek Tegeh Okta, who played Sawerigading, made an exceptionally charming and especially handsome impression at the workshop performance in Bali.
THE day I met Kadek he was sitting on the well-worn black saddle of his 50cc Yamaha, shades perched on his nose and obligatory Djarum smouldering on his bottom lip.
La revelacion de como --es decir, mediante que argumentos en lugar de la tortura fisica-- se pudo inducir a Zinoviev, Kamenev, Kadek, Bujarin y los otros dirigentes que pertenecian a la elite bolchevique a confesar los absurdos cargos de traicion presentados en su contra es la historia de Oscuridad al mediodia.
Then in November 2003, KADEK dissolved itself and supposedly created a new, even more moderate and democratic organization tentatively called the Kurdistan Peoples Congress (Kongra-Gel).
Several militant organisations have carried out violent attacks in Turkey in recent years, including the Kurdistan Workers' Party and its successor KADEK.
Since then it has been largely inactive, retreating into mountain strongholds over the border in northern Iraq, and changing its name to KADEK, having long abandoned Marx and its original goal of breaking off the southeast to create an independent Kurdish state.
Demokratik Cumhuriyet ve Baris Projesi" kararinin alindigi bu kongrede; PKK'nin ismi KADEK, ARGK'nin adi Halk Savunma Gucleri (Hezen Parastina Gel-HPG), ERNK'nin adi Demokratik Halk Birligi'ne donusturulmustur.
She notes that the EU Council of Ministers continues to maintain the PKK on its terrorist blacklist and has added KADEK and the Kongra-Gel as aliases of the organisation.