KADIZKorea Air Defense Identification Zone (South Korea)
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The statement came after the ROK announced a southward expansion of the KADIZ, encompassing submerged rocks within the overlapping exclusive economic zones (EEZ) of the ROK and China on Sunday.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said the Air Force's Master Control and Reporting Center detected two H-6 bombers, two J-11 fighter jets and one TU-154 reconnaissance plane entered the KADIZ from southwest of Ieodo at 10:10 a.
The flight into the KADIZ came just two days after President Moon Jae-in returned home from his four-day state visit to China during which time he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping and other leaders to discuss issues related to the deployment of the U.
The aircraft then left the KADIZ and flew back toward China, the JCS added.
This is the second time for Chinese military aircraft to enter the KADIZ this year after 10 intruded Jan.