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KADOKarakoram Area Development Organization (est. 1996; Pakistan)
KADOKorean Agency for Digital Opportunity and Promotion (South Korea)
KADOKeys Association of Dive Operators (Florida, USA)
KADOKhmer Angkor Development Organization (est. 1999; Cambodia)
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The protagonist arrives in Kado and immediately begins his battle against the pedagogy of colonial educators and colonialism in general: "ce l'ha con gli insegnanti precedenti, con il colonialismo, con il neo-colonialismo, attaccato ai piu stupidi e pericolosi conformismi delle borghesie europee, ecc.
Okeiko usually denotes traditional Japanese training-style lessons in the framework of a mentor-disciple relationship such as chado (tea ceremony) kado (flower arrangement) shodo (calligraphy) judo aikido utai (chanting of Noh texts) and nihon-buyo (traditional Japanese dance).
BUNER -- Deputy Commissioner Mushtaq Ahmad Khan through a letter directed various leading NGOs including Save the Children, KADO, RDO, RAHBAR, EPS, SPO, ADO, NDF, LFA, HADAF and RDP to forthwith stop work in Buner district as they had no NOC from the PDMA and were not doing anything useful for the district.
In 1974, Auger, Shalla and Kado identified a Gram-positive bacterium as the organism causing the disease.
People can get a bone mineral density test to assess their risk for future fracture," says Deborah Kado, MD, MS, an associate professor in the Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery and Medicine at UCLA Health System.
Kado, "120-GHz-band wireless link technologies for outdoor 10-Gbit/s data transmission," IEEE Trans.
Opening for Macy Gray was also fun because we were styled by Kado Design which is Anita Taylor's brainchild and they made us some really fancy t-shirts and accessories.
Emery Kado Begay, 38, is in jail for probation violations.
Kitawaki J, Kado N, Ishihara H, Koshiba H, Kitaoka Y, Honjo H.
We had the chance to learn ikebana, also called kado, the art of flower arrangement, and even origami, the art of paper folding.
The large Japanese characters that identify the Cemetery Memorial obelisk constructed in 1943 by internee and master stonemason Ryozo Kado as "Soul Consoling Tower" comfort no one.