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KADSKnowledge Acquisition and Design Structuring (artificial intelligence)
KADSKineton Amateur Dramatic Society (UK)
KADSKirkcaldy Amateur Dramatic Society (Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland, UK)
KADSKnowledge Analysis and Documentation System
KADSKnowledge Asset Development System (UN Population Fund)
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The kads and [N.sub.0] values from the BDST model indicate that the adsorbents viz.
Or they may screen positive on self-report checklists such as the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) or the Kutcher Adolescent Depression Scale (KADS), available for download at www.cprf.ca/education/Open mind2006/KADS11.pdf and free for use with permission.
Thale Dillon is director of economic research for Montana Kads Count.
In Outsiders Within, Sunny Jo writes, "Some KADs have come to see our KAD culture and identity as stronger than our ties to either the birth or adoptive culture." Mark Hagland tells of attending KADapalooza in Los Angeles in 2001, where the organizers handed out "Stealth AZN" ("Stealth Asian") T-shirts as a joke.
* Fase de diseno: una vez se han definido y descrito todos los elementos que hacen parte del sistema, los agentes, las tareas, la comunicacion entre agentes, el entorno y el conocimiento, se define como transformar dichas descripciones en un sistema real, para este caso MAS-Commond KADS propone el modelo de diseno, en donde ademas de todas las tareas de diseno clasico contempla tareas como el diseno de los agentes, las bases de conocimiento, las caracteristicas de red (en caso de que los agentes se muevan sobre alguna), y el diseno de los protocolos de comunicacion.
A KADS conceptual model of prediction-based diagnosis.
LADS ALOUD: (Left, from left) Salu Buga, Bicks Rumm, Taz Vikas, Rahul Pataan, Iki Butt, Fooka Desi, Kads Hussain, Jaava Ali, Naima Shaz
CommonKAds: KADS (Knowledge Acquisition and Design System) was born in 1985 as part of a European programme Esprit I.