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KADSKnowledge Acquisition and Design Structuring (artificial intelligence)
KADSKineton Amateur Dramatic Society (UK)
KADSKirkcaldy Amateur Dramatic Society (Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland, UK)
KADSKnowledge Analysis and Documentation System
KADSKnowledge Asset Development System (UN Population Fund)
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While all three versions of the KADS can be used, extensive experience with the scale has demonstrated that the KADS-6 is the version most commonly used in everyday clinical settings, both to screen for possible depression and to monitor the outcome of interventions in youth diagnosed with and treated for depression (personal communication: SK).
A receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis was performed to determine which KADS items most accurately identified participants with MDE.
We believe that there might be more than one KADS and that one of these substances might be steroid sulfatase, which is an aryl-sulfatase-C enzyme.
Their methodology, called KADS, advocates a bottom-up approach to expert knowledge modeling where the knowledge modeler begins with an expert verbal protocol, models this with primitive terms, then builds higher levels of analysis on top of the primitive model.
Both papers used KADS expertise models as the basis for verification, albeit for different application areas.
Such formalizations, and methods for using them, form the basis of the extensively investigated KADS methodology and library (Schreiber, Wielinga, and Breuker 1993).