KAFBKirtland Air Force Base (New Mexico)
KAFBKeesler Air Force Base (Mississippi)
KAFBKelly Air Force Base (Texas)
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However, KAFB made the determination that having appropriate management and oversight of the ESCO was more important.
The KAFB negotiated with the ESCO to allow the ESCO to put a trailer on base.
Taking that and the original award date into consideration, any task order KAFB would award now would have only 18 years of payback time available.
The KAFB has negotiated with its ESCO the ability to buy out single facilities from task orders.
To date, KAFB has bought out three facilities from its ESPC.
The contracting office made the determination that this was not an acceptable solution and that KAFB could not add non-energy-related funds to ESPC.
Without this, KAFB would be subject to having multiple contractors responsible for HVAC in the same facility, leading to a customer service nightmare (when customers call the customer service desk, they generally know only that they are too hot or too cold, not which piece of equipment has failed, and therefore which contractor should be dispatched).
Just as the facilities on KAFB will not remain static for 25 years, neither will the conditions that the ESCO operates under.
To keep these costs separately accountable, KAFB is adding the requirements and funding to the basic contract, which up until now was unfunded (the funds were added to each task order on a fiscal year basis).
The first task order involved only one facility on KAFB.
As the ESPC program has grown, KAFB has contracted out its civil engineering functions to a civil engineering services contractor (CESCO).
With the ESCO being such an integral part of the service that civil engineering provides to KAFB, proper interaction and responsibility division between the contractors should ideally be spelled out in both contracts.