KAFBKirtland Air Force Base (New Mexico)
KAFBKeesler Air Force Base (Mississippi)
KAFBKelly Air Force Base (Texas)
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As KAFB has a base-level contract, partnering with the ESCO to make ESPC work is much simpler than if the contracting authority for the contract rested elsewhere.
At the time KAFB's basic contract and first task order were awarded in October, 1998, the available guidance (Smith, 1994) did not specifically address ESPCs.
The KAFB surveils and evaluates ESCO performance not only on energy savings but on customer satisfaction, quickness of response to trouble calls, and quickness of repair of trouble calls.
The KAFB has required its ESCO to provide guaranteed energy savings sufficient not only to cover the contract cost, but also to cover the government's management and oversight costs.
However, KAFB made the determination that having appropriate management and oversight of the ESCO was more important.
* The ESCO must have a permanent presence on KAFB. As KAFB's ESPC program has grown to five task orders covering over 200 facilities, having the ESCO come from off base to perform its work is not practical.
Any failed piece of HVAC equipment is the ESCO's responsibility to replace at no additional cost to the government (KAFB maintains responsibility for its piping systems, ductwork systems, and electrical systems).
The KAFB's two large task orders each had construction periods of more than a year.
The KAFB has negotiated with its ESCO the ability to buy out single facilities from task orders.
To date, KAFB has bought out three facilities from its ESPC.
The contracting office made the determination that this was not an acceptable solution and that KAFB could not add non-energy-related funds to ESPC.