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KAIKuraray America, Inc. (Houston, TX)
KAIKatolicka Agencja Informacyjna (Polish Catholic Information Agency)
KAIKeep Alive Interval
KAIKorea Aerospace Industries
KAIKereta Api Indonesia (railway)
KAIKick Against Indiscipline
KAIKeep Alive Interval (Cisco)
KAIKyocera America Incorporated
KAIKey Attitudinal Indicator
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So Momulla went to Kai Shang and asked him if there was such an apparatus as a wireless by means of which ships could talk with each other at great distances, and Kai Shang told him that there was.
"If we only had someone else who could navigate a ship!" wailed Kai Shang.
Then the Maori suggested that they speak with Kai Shang.
Presently Momulla returned with Kai Shang, to whom he had briefly narrated the details of the stroke of good fortune that had come to them.
These two premises accepted there could be little doubt that Schneider would prove trustworthy in so far as accepting the command of the Cowrie was concerned; after that Kai Shang knew that he could find means to coerce the man into submission to his further wishes.
As Kai Shang and Momulla entered their camp, it was with a realization that they no longer needed Gust.
So that he heard the approach of Kai Shang and Momulla, though he did not, of course, dream that it had any special significance for him.
Chance had it, though, that he glanced out of the doorway of the cook's tent at the very moment that Kai Shang and Momulla approached the entrance to his, and he thought that he noted a stealthiness in their movements that comported poorly with amicable or friendly intentions, and then, just as they two slunk within the interior, Gust caught a glimpse of the long knife which Momulla the Maori was then carrying behind his back.
As surely as though he had heard them plotting, he knew that Kai Shang and Momulla had come to take his life.
But if Gust was afraid of the jungle he was far more afraid of Kai Shang and Momulla.
Chief Brian Assu of the We Wai Kai Nation; Carolyn Bennett, federal Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations; and Scott Fraser, B.C.s Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation, signed the We Wai Kai Transition to Stage 5 Negotiations Under the B.C.
The party was meant to mark both Kai's birthday last March 21 and his baptism on Sunday.