KAIIKurzweil Applied Intelligence, Inc. (makes voice recognition products)
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King Abdullah II (KAII) has constantly presented himself as the patron of reform, and he makes reform a topical theme in his political language.
The KAII means of members of internally-oriented functions (costing, maintenance, product, and support services) as compared with members of externally-oriented functions (corporate planning, sales, finance, and engineering) were more adaptive than innovative, whereas the latter group was more innovative than adaptive.
Kaii's leadership skills have been beneficial to the pharmacy interns who have worked for him--many of whom have since emerged as successful CVS pharmacists themselves.
themselves "over time" in specific ways (Kirton 1976; KAII
NEW YORK -- A commitment to helping others--regardless of what obstacles he might encounter along the way--is the driving force behind CVS/pharmacy's Thai Kaii.
Jun Mizutani overwhelmed Chiang Peng-lung 3-0 while Kaii Yoshida and Chinese-born Yo Kan beat Chuan Chih-yuan and Wu Chih-chi 3-1, respectively, to give Japan a resounding victory.
An art exhibit featuring the work of major 20th century Japanese painter Kaii Higashiyama who studied in Germany in the 1930s opened Wednesday at the newly renovated Japanese Embassy in Berlin.
Derek Duncan denies assaulting Nadine by setting the Staffie, named Kaii, on her at a flat in Dundee last August.
South Korea raced to a 2-0 lead after Athens Olympic gold medalist Ryu Seung Min beat Kaii Yoshida 3-0 and Lee Jung Woo edged reigning national champion Jun Mizutani 3-2.