KAIIKurzweil Applied Intelligence, Inc. (makes voice recognition products)
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In his letter of designation of Prime Minister Designate Adnan Badran (April 2005), KAII conveyed his vision of reform in these terms:
The extract above shows how the rhetoric of KAII accentuates his self-depiction as the patron of reform.
The analysis involves studying a large body of texts (corpora), produced by KAII, using computational corpus-based approaches to text analysis.
The contextual analysis of "reform" involves recognising how the discourse producer, KAII, associates his conception of "reform" and the metaphors he uses to represent how it is conceptualised.
The diachronic analysis of the corpus of KAII's discourse shows that between February 1999 and April 2013, KAII mentioned and discussed "reform(s)" 353 times in 122 speeches and letters.
KAII emphasises the conceptualisation of 'iSlaah itself rather than its proponents: "reformers" (muSlehyn) or "reformists" ('iSlaahyyn), and he emphasises how "reform" is a "process" not "persons".
The KAII performs similarly to and is highly correlated with other
of the KAII (Prato-Previde 1984; Hammond 1986; Holland 1987;
Multiple studies have replicated the early KAII studies of public
Prato-Previde (1984) concluded that the KAII was based on sound
Not only has the KAII been validated and its reliability established, a
consulting firms use the KAII in their professional consulting work.